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MSBSHSE Date Sheet 2022 - Download Time Table PDF!

Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) has released the HSC and SSC Exam Time Table for the academic year 2021-22. The board will conduct the SSC Exams from 15th March to 04th April 2022 and HSC Exams from 04th to 30th March 2022.

We, at Etoos India,are helping every student by providing the latest information and complete schedule of the HSC and SSC examinations. So, keep a regular check on this page and get yourself updated with the latest exams dates and schedule. You can check the entire schedule for both HSC and SSC Exams below.

Maharashtra Board HSC Exam Time Table 2022

Before you check the detailed time table, have a look at the brief overview of the MSBSHSE HSC Examination 2022:

Particular Exam Dates
Theory exam start date 04th March 2022
Last exam date 30th March 2022
Practical exam start date 14th February 2022
Last practical exam date 03rd March 2022

Now let's have a look at the detailed HSC Exam time table 2022 which we have tabulated below:

Exam Date Morning Shift (10:30 AM -02:00 PM) Evening Shift (03:00 - 06:30 PM)
04thMarch2022 English (01) -
05thMarch2022 Hindi German, Japanese, Chinese, Persian
07thMarch2022 Marathi (02), Gujarati (03), Kannada (06), Sindhi(07), Malayalam (08), Tamil (09), Telugu (10), Punjabi (11), Bengali (12) Urdu (5), French (13), Ardhamagadhi (16), Spanish (25), Pali (35)
08thMarch2022 Sanskrit, MaharashtriPrakrut Russian, Arabic
09thMarch2022 Organisation of Commerce & Management
10thMarch2022 Logic, Physics
11thMarch2022 Secretarial practice, Home management (A/S)
12thMarch2022 Chemistry Political Science
14thMarch2022 Mathematics & Statistics (A/S), Mathematics & Statistics (C) Percussion Instruments (A)
15thMarch2022 Child Development, Agriculture Science & Technology (A/S/C), Animal Science & Technology (A/S/C)
16thMarch2022 Cooperation (A/C) -
17thMarch2022 Biology (S), History & Development of Indian Music (A)
19thMarch2022 Geology (S) Economics (A/S/C)
21stMarch2022 Textiles (A/S) Bookkeeping & Accountancy (A/S/C)
22ndMarch2022 Food Science & Technology Philosophy, History of Art & Appreciation (A) (Painting, Sculpture, Architecture)


(Vocational) Bi-Focal Courses Paper-I, Technical Group Paper-I, Electrical Maintenance (A/S/C) (A1), Mechanical Maintenance (A/S/C) (A2), Scooter and Motorcycle Servicing (A/S/C) (A3) Education (A/S)
General Civil Engg(A/S/C) (A4), Electronics(A/S/C) (C2), Computer Science (A/S/C) (D9) Multi Skill Technician (Electrical), Electronics & Hardware Installation Technician & Computing Peripherals, Multi Skill Technician (Food Processing), Electronics & hardware installation technician wireman control panel, Power-distribution lineman
Commerce Group Paper-I: Banking (A/S/C) (A5), Office Management (A/S/C) (A7), Marketing and Salesmanship (A/S/C) (A8), Small Industries and Self-Employment (A/S/C) (A9)

Specialized Sewing Machine Operator, Plumber-General-II, Automotive Service, Technician, Retail Sales Associate, Healthcare- General Duty Assistant, Beauty Therapist, Agriculture Microirigation Technician, Tourism & Hospitality - Customer Service Executive (Meet & Greet)

Agriculture Group Paper-1: Animal Science and Dairying (A/S/C) (B2), Crop Science (A/S/C) (B4), Horticulture (A/S/C) (B5)
Fishery Group Paper-I: Fish Processing Technology (B9)(A/S/C), Fresh Water Fish Culture (C1)(A/S/C)
24thMarch2022 - Psychology (A/S/C)

25thMarch 2022

(Vocational) BI-Focal Courses Paper-II, Technical Group Paper-II, Electrical Maintenance (A/S/C), Mechanical Maintenance (A/S/C), Scooter & Motorcycle Servicing (A/S/C) Occupational Orientation: Library and Information Science (A)
General Civil Engineering (A/S/C), Electronics (A/S/C), Computer Science (A/S/C)
Commerce Group Paper-II: Banking (A/S/C), Office Management (A/S/C), Marketing & Salesmanship (A/S/C), Small Industries & Self-employment (A/S/C)
Agriculture Group Paper-II: Animal Science and Dairying (S) (B2), Crop Science (S) (B4), Horticulture (S) (B5)
Fishery Group Paper-II: Fish Processing Technology (B9)(A/S/C), Fresh Water Fish Culture (C1)(A/S/C)
26thMarch 2022 - Geography (A/S/C)
28thMarch2022 - History (A/S/C)
29thMarch 2022 - Defence Studies (A/S/C)
30thMarch2022 - Sociology (A/S/C)

Maharashtra Board SSC Exam Schedule 2022

The MSBSHSE SSC Exam Time Table has been made available by the board. It’s important to have a look at the entire schedule to plan your preparations. You can start preparing for the subject you consider the toughest and have less time to prepare for. So, it will make your preparations a lot easier. You can check the complete time table below.

Exam Dates 1st Half (10:30 AM - 02:00 PM) 2nd Half (03:00 - 06:00 PM)
15th March 2022 First Language: Marathi, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Sindhi, Bengali, Punjabi Second or Third Language: German, French
16th March 2022 Second or Third Language: Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi (Composite) -

17th March2022

For Regular Candidates: Multi Skill Assistant Technician/introduction To Basic Technology, Automobile Service Technician, Store Operation Assistant, Assistant Beauty Therapist, Physical Education & Sports, Tourism & Hospitality Food & Beverage Service Trainee, Agriculture Solanaceous Crop Cultivator, Electronics Hardware Field Technician- Other Home Appliances, Mechanical Technology, Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology, Power - Consumer Energy Meter Technician, Apparels Sewing Machine Operator, Plumber General
19th March 2022 First language: English
Third Language: English
21st March 2022 Second or Third language: Hindi, Hindi (Composite) -
22nd March 2022 Second or Third language: Arabic, Avesta, Gujarati, Ardhamagadhi, Sanskrit, Pali, Urdu, Persian, Russian, Pahlavi Second or Third Language (Composite Course): Urdu, Bengali, Sanskrit, Pali, Ardhamagadhi, Persian, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Sindhi, Punjabi, Gujarati

24th March2022

Mathematics Part-1 Algebra
Arithmetic (for eligible Divyang candidates)
26th March 2022 Mathematics Part-II (Geometry) -
28th March 2022 Science and Technology (Part I), Physiology, Hygiene & Home Science -
30th March 2022 Science and Technology Part-II -
01st April 2022 Social Sciences Paper-I: History and Political Science -
4th April 2022 Social Sciences Paper-II: Geography -

How to Download MSBSHSE HSC & SSC Exam Time Table 2022

Here are the steps you should follow to download the official PDF of the Maharashtra Board HSC and SSC Exams 2022 time table.

Step 1 -Visit the official website i.e.

Step 2 -Under the "Latest Notifications" section, check for the Maharashtra HSC and SSC time table 2022.

Step 3 -Now check for "SSC March-April 2022 Exam time table" or "HSC March-April 2022 Exam time table (General & Bifocal)/ HSC March-April 2022 Exam time table (HSC VOCATIONAL)".

Step 4 -You can see the complete time table on your screen which is a PDF file.

Step 5 -Click on the download icon to get the MSBSHSE SSC & HSC Exam Time Table 2022.

In this way, you can easily download the complete time table for both SSC and HSC examinations. But you should keep visiting Etoos India to stay updated with the latest information and exam dates. You will never miss out on any important news and notification.